Services Offered

1. Basic Engineering

PDE starts a project from basic engineering covering concepts, options, basic process & instrumentation diagrams(PIDs) and basic layouts. The basic study report will be submitted to the client and discussed in detail.

Basic engineering will cover the following:
  • Basic studies
  • Plot plan
  • Preliminary PIDs
  • General Arrangement drgs for main buildings indicating among others the highways for piping and cable trays

2. Detailed Engineering

The detailed engineering will consist of the following

  • Plot plan
  • General arrangements for all buildings
  • Specifications for equipment and systems
  • Piping layouts, isometrics
  • Piping stress analysis
  • Electrical load calculations
  • Electrical MCC and control room layouts
  • Instrumentation system engineering
  • Civil building and structural designs

3. Stress Analysis and Line Vibration study

  • Sugar factory at K Hubli for steam inlet and exhaust lines of turbine.
  • MALCO at Mettu Dam for steam inlet and exhaust lines of turbine
  • Coastal Agro, Tanuku, AP, for steam inlet and exhaust lines of turbine.
  • Kalyani Agro, Tada Palle Gudem, AP, for steam inlet and exhaust lines of turbine.
  • MS line and extraction line for Hindustan Zinc, Jaipur (year 2008)
  • MS line of 2MW turbine at Bombay Rayon Fabrics Ltd, near Bangalore.

4. Vendor Selection

This process consists of the following:
  • Short listing of vendors and contractors considering the location of the site.
  • Inspection of vendor facilities and capabilities to execute the contract

5. Tender analysis & purchase recommendation

  • Where required by client, detailed tender analysis will be done and clarification letters will be issued to the bidders for final comparison on common base.
  • After all clarifications are settled, the purchase recommendation will be prepared. The recommendation will be based on commercial and technical considerations.