Business Domains

Piping Engineering Expertise

PDE competencies in each business domain include

  • Feasibility study
  • Front end engineering
  • Detailed design engineering - Piping
  • Piping layout, Routing, Plot plan, Equipment layouts
  • Pipe rack layout and piping support
  • Pipe sizing and MTO’s
  • Piping and valve specs
  • Special items specification (traps, strainers, flexi hoses, transition pieces etc.)
  • Vendor drawing review/technical bid evaluation
  • Man hour estimation for piping projects
  • Stress and surge analysis (Ceaser ii and Caepipe)
  • 3d modeling and isometrics (PDMS & SP3D)
  • Backend office support

Structural Engineering Expertise

Civil, Structural and Marine Structures

  • Analysis and designs (RCC & STEEL)
  • Pipe racks, conveyors, storage tanks, equipment foundations,platforms, Marine Jetty's, Marine Structures, transfer towers and skid designs
  • We have decades of experince working in power plants,refinary plants, oil & gas , process plants structures.
  • Static and dynamic analysis of structures.
  • Lift analysis, load out analysis, transportation analysis.
  • 3D modelling and fabrication drawings.
  • Backend office support.

List of Fluid System engineered

  • Superheated steam
  • Boiler feed discharge
  • Boiler feed suction
  • Lube oil
  • Fuel oil
  • Condensate
  • Cooling water
  • BF Gas
  • Liquid O2, N2
  • Chilled water
  • Fire water